3’x2′ Layered Reclaimed Wood Flag with Aircraft Cutout ~ Multiple Designs


  • All Items are Made to Order at time of purchase
  • Layered pieces ship 2-3 weeks after purchase
  • Please message me if needed by a certain date
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3’x2′ Hand painted Distressed American Flag that is framed by a second layer of wood with Aircraft cutout.

Top layer of reclaimed wood can be stained dark or natural color (Natural finish is pictured in listing photo)

Each piece is handmade from reclaimed wood at time of purchase. Since it is reclaimed, wood can have imperfections giving it a more “rustic” look or appearance. Wood is carefully chosen for each different piece to accurately fit the size or design of the piece I’m making. Hangers are included and already installed to the back of every piece when it ships.
Items take 2-3 weeks to ship after the time of purchase. If needed sooner, please email me at ruggedmoosedecor@yahoo.com so i can get it shipped out when needed (will depend on my current workload at that time).
If there are any issues with a piece when it is received, please don’t hesitate to contact me! All items are shipped fully insured through USPS and I strive to fix any issues or breaks that may happen during shipping.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 28 × 2 in

F15 [$120.00], C130 Top View [$120.00], A10 Side View [$120.00], A10 Top View [$120.00], Apache Side View [$120.00], C5 Side View [$120.00], C17 Front View [$120.00], F4 Top View [$120.00], F16 Top View [$120.00], F22 Front View [$120.00], F22 Top View [$120.00], F35 Top View [$120.00], KC10 Side View [$120.00], KC135 Side View [$120.00], HH60 Side View [$120.00], Abrams Tank Side View [$120.00], AWACS Side View [$120.00], Harrier Top View [$120.00], T38 Top View [$120.00], Blackhawk Side View [$120.00], F18 Top View [$120.00], B2 Top View [$120.00], Air Force Wings [$120.00], OH58 Kiowa [$120.00], Chinook [$120.00], Predator Side View [$120.00], Reaper Side View [$120.00], Navy Destroyer Side View [$120.00], AC-130 Gunship [$120.00], Marine AAV [$120.00], C5 Front View [$120.00], KC-130 Refueler [$120.00], U2 Top View [$120.00], U2 Side View [$120.00], Osprey [$120.00], 2 Aircraft [$125.00], 3 Aircraft [$130.00], 4 Aircraft [$135.00]


Natural Stain [0.00], Dark Stain [0.00]


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