36” Aircraft Cutout Coin Rack


  • Handmade at time of purchase. 
  • Ships Worldwide within 2-3 weeks from Las Vegas, Nevada 


36” Custom aircraft Cutout with wood Challenge coin racks attached. 

Number of racks depends on the aircraft model. I will put as many racks as I can and still keep the piece looking symmetrical and not “cluttered”. 

Aircraft is finished with a rustic “distressed” American flag  

If a model is not listed please message me to see if I am able to make it and I can add it. 

I will be adding additional example pictures as I make them. 

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 3 in
Aircraft Design

F15 [$115.00], C130 [$115.00], Ammo Pot [$115.00], A10 [$115.00], F4 [$115.00], F16 [$115.00], F22 [$115.00], F35 [$115.00], F111 [115.00], KC135 [$115.00], HH60 Side View [$115.00], Abrams Tank Side View [$115.00], Harrier [$115.00], T38 [$115.00], F18 C/D [$115.00], F18 E [$115.00], B2 [$115.00], B1 [$115.00], Chinook side view [$115.00], Predator Side View [$115.00], Reaper Side View [$115.00], AC-130 Gunship [$115.00], KC-130 Refueler [$115.00], U2 [$115.00], Redhorse [$115.00]


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